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Thank you so much team for taking care of daughter like I imagined. She goes to you people happily and I find her smiling again in evening.. Thats the best thing I could expect. Thank you so much for taking care of her like I expected.
Uma Kandpal, Sohna Road, Gurgaon on 17 Aug 2019
While my baby was 8 months old I had to look for a daycare because my wife and I both are working and we had no option except to look for a creche. We had so many apprehension while as to how someone other than mother can look after a just 8 months old baby. While we went on hunt and visited 3-4 different options but everywhere has some or other confusion from food to personal care to timing. But when we met with Shilpi Ma'am and Bubbles and blossoms team then we got a feeling that this is the place we were looking for. Today after completion of 1 year, we can say that we choose the right daycare for my son. He enjoys going to daycare every morning unlike other kids. He is learning so fast and the kind of care he is getting there, we are really grateful and obliged to Bubbles and Blossoms daycare team. Wanted to highlight the summer camp too, I must say he is enjoying summer camp like anything, everyday new activity. The best part is that he ask us even on Sunday to get him ready to go for daycare and summer camp :-)
Akshat Singh, South City 2 on 28 May 2019
Just 4 days of the activities in the summer camp at bnb experienced by my child & he is super happy and excited. I will strongly recommend bubbles and blossoms for the summer camp. Their staff very friendly and polite. Expecting a lot more fun in the next 4 weeks.
Rashmi , Sohna Road Gurgaon on 16 May 2019
I am a very happy mom at BNB. My little princess has been here for almost 3 years now. Has learnt a lot & was so happy today to see her perform in the Annual Day celebration today. I will strongly recommend BNB to all the parents who look for personalized care of their little one.
Nishi, Gurgaon on 09 Mar 2019
I am a happy mom & would strongly recommend Bubbles n blossoms for a personalized child care. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed being pampered at bnb. Parenting tips by Shilpi mam helped us sail through many phases of her growth & my family is truely thankful.
Pooja Sharma, Mayfield Garden on 15 Nov 2018
My daughter did her Toddlers & Pre nursery from BnB & now she is in KG in her formal school. Wanted to share with you about her intelligence & skills being developed at BnB by an amazingly loving teaching staff, humble didis and Shilpi mam herself with her personalised care and affection. She is being appreciated at her school for a very strong base created by BnB. Have no words to thank the entire team for the immense care they took of my little one. Today she has been awarded for a very confident oration in her school & I personally owe it to Team BnB. Kudos to the team. Wishing you great success on your 3rd birthday & always. Three cheers. Highly recommended.
Rakhi , Sec 47 on 18 Aug 2018
I visited Bubbles and Blossoms just by chance as a passerby. Found it very nice & cozy for my 15 month old daughter. Highly impressed with Shilpi mam & the values on which her BnB is working. I appreciate the personal care being given to my little one. Thanks to the loving staff of BnB .
Anubha Gupta, Uppals Southend on 20 Mar 2018
When my daughter turned 1.5 yrs i decided to put her in playschool n visited alot of schools around my vicinity thats when i came across BnB. My first impression about the place was tidy and homely, i was further relieved after having a chat with Shilpi mam about her safety and well being. The center follows strict safety measures for kids, the curriculum designed for students comprises of indoor and outdoor activities with interactive sessions, the teachers and staff are well trained and give personal attention to kids, also the food provided in the center is nutritious. My association with BnB has been extremely special and satisfying. Keep it up.
Richa, Sec 66 on 26 Feb 2018
My daughter was just 8 months when I came across this beautifully managed, very safe daycare with personal care & freshly cooked hygienic food being offered to all the kids. My husband & me were very impressed with the staff & the Centre Head, Shilpi Dabral mam. We are very happy with the care BnB has given to my little one. Thanks BnB for helping me give my best at work without worrying about our daughter.
Deepti Jain, Uppals Southend on 21 Jan 2018
My husband and I both are software engineers, and enrolled our son at Bubble and Blossoms when he was 7 months old. Immediately upon entering Bubble and Blossoms, we were comforted by the welcoming environment and warm staff. We appreciate the daily feedback we receive about our son schedule. We especially enjoy that he is given a variety of developmentally appropriate indoor and outdoor activities including storytelling, singing, playing house and multi sensory fun. The teachers interacts beautifully with the children's ALL day. I have arrived near closing time to find the teacher and the children engaged. You can find the energetic director (Shilpi Ma'am) working in classroom right alongside the teachers ,not worried about getting her hands dirty. I could easily write much more about our positive experience at B&B, but at the end all matter is that our son love to coming here. What more could you want for your child. I really appreciate the effort B&B doing to make a homely environment, love and care provides to our child. Thanks you B&B for being there to make us feel safe about our little ones when we are at work.
Anju, Gurgaon on 26 Dec 2017
I visited BnB for my 2.5 year old child, while in search of a safe & secure playschool. Had visited many nearby schools but personally would recommend BnB for it's hygiene & loving environment which would be a true gift for any child. I feel completely relaxed when my child is away for those 3 hours. Keep up your good work BnB.
Abhilasha Sharma, Park View City, Sohna Road on 23 Dec 2017
I would highly recommend Bubbles n Blossoms for quality childcare keeping an anxious mother like me, kind of tension free throughout the day. Since we shifted residence so we had to move out of BnB, but my son still misses all the wonderful & highly caring team of BnB. Kudos to Team BnB, way to go guys !
Shweta, Sector 31 on 21 Nov 2017
I was quiet anxious when I planned to give my child in daycare. I visited almost every daycare, nearby based sec 49 in which bubbles and blossoms was one of them (which I found by chance). Unwillingly I went in... But the first thing which was touchy as a mother was the consulting approach. I felt like home there. Shipi insisted us visit the other day care also and then choose rather than selling her own piece. Infrastructure is awesome. The B&B staffs are extremely approachable and all of them always carry a big smile on their face. Glad to be a part of B&B family.
Ritika Bhojgaria, Gurgaon on 11 Nov 2017
I would surely love to share my experience with BnB. It's a childcare centre, highly recommended for love & care on a personal level. Here each member of BnB team irrespective of the positions they hold,know each & every child personally. Each morning when I enter BnB, my child goes to them happily & in the evening greets me with a big smile. A smile on my child in the evening as well, tells me the kind of love n affection BnB gives to my child. I am a very happy & contented parent and would personally recommend it for a great care of our little ones. Special thanks to Shilpi mam for managing such a warm & loving team. Long way to go Team BnB.
Richa , Sohna Road, Gurgaon on 17 Jul 2017
Undoubtedly One of the best daycare and pre-school in sec-49.Visited 2-3 preschools in and around the area before joining my son. After meeting Mrs. Shilpi I got the confidence that my son will be in safe hands. Moreover was impressed with the hygenic enviorment and the personal care taken by the management and other staff and the nutrious food given.Today I am so much relieved that my son is in safe hands and he is also happy to go to school. What more do I need as a parent as I feel it is a second home to my son.
Parimala, Gurgaon on 12 Feb 2017
My daughter has been going to BnB for an year now..I was very apprehensive about sending her to a playschool. .now I am really glad that I chose BnB..the staff..their methodology. .everything is par excellence..they give special emphasis on cleanliness and a healthy mealtimes a year I have seen remarkable change in my daughter..she learns something new daily..she loves going to the school..she has started eating on her own..I would recommend BnB to everyone. .its truly a home away from away...and for a working mom..a real boon..thank you to Mrs Shilpi Dabral, Mrs Manju and the entire team of BnB..
Disha Dabbas, Sector 49, Gurgaon on 11 Feb 2017
I was looking for a daycare eventually for my 3 month old baby. I looked at many recommended daycares but found Bubbles n Blossoms to be one of the most hygeinic and closely monitored safe daycare. Just waiting for my kid to be 6 months. Thanks for allowing my wife to start thinking of getting back to work now.
Riaz Mohammad, Sector 49 on 21 Jan 2017
BnB is the best Day care in out locality. Before deciding on BnB, I have visited many day cares but couldn't decide on any. as most of them feels like commercial org.But when I visited this place, I was really impressed to see the hygiene and more importantly the personal touch teachers have with the children. After, deciding on this I was relieved that my son is in safe hands and I can resume my work without tension. A big thanks to Ms Shilpi Ma'm and Manju Ma'm for taking such efforts and making a Day care "Home away from Home".
Suruchi Gupta, Sector- 47 on 26 Dec 2016
I work as an Admin with BnB. Though I have worked with lot of other schools but my personal observation is the quality of personal care & hygiene is unmatched at Bubbles n Blossoms. I would highly recommend BnB as a daycare which is in the real sense...A home away from home, where our kids are always excited to come & not willing to go back home in the evening. What more would we like as parents 😃
Manju Khurana, Gurgaon on 21 Dec 2016
Bubbles n Blossoms gives such a homely evironment that my daughter even wants to go BnB on saturdays and sundays. the management n the entire staff is very caring n responsive to my child's needs n overall development.
Gaurav Bhasin, gurgaon on 18 Sep 2016
B&B is an excellent facility for the kids to start learning. We were fortunate to find the place on our search for a play school near our home. The place has been very tastefully done by Mrs & Mr Dabral. The staff is also very nice (a special mention of Surabhi Mam - Our son's class teracher) who make sure that the kids are at there comfortable best. Thank you and Best wishes to Team B&B
Praseeda Nitin, S Block Uppal Southend on 16 Dec 2015
We really appreciate Mrs shilpi Dabral and her efforts in BnB in making BnB a homelike daycare. A doctor who is a mother too can take extra care of a kid. So we were convinced with the couple's doctorate degree and their passion n love for kids. Apart from this, for us positives are the location, the environment and the open culture. We can reach school and staff anytime for any concerns. Our kid is enjoying the after school time in BnB. Special thanks to his teacher who is helping him in homework and other activities. Thanks BnB for making us comfortable and maintaining our trust. It is a new venture and we wish BnB blossoms more n more.
Preeti, Uppal Southend, sector 49 on 08 Dec 2015
Undoubtedly bnb is the best school in our locality. Its hard to differentiate between mom and teacher. Its is a home away home. Good going. All the best! I miss bnb team.
Ishita , Sohna road on 08 Dec 2015
Bn B is the bestday care on Sohna Road.My son just loves to go there . Kudos to team BnB for the excellent work. I now leave for work without having to bother about my Kid...Keep up the good work ... Cheers
Richa Ghosh Roy, Sector 49 Gurgaon on 10 Nov 2015
Dear Shilpi And Team We ( Taru and Hari)appreciate your efforts,hard work in Bubbles and Blossoms Day Care and Enrichment center. We were scared to send our 20 months daughter away from our eyes but you made us confident and sure that its the best way and truly it is. Thanks to you and your all team Regards
Taru, Sec 49 Uppal South End on 02 Nov 2015
I have liked this Day Care Centre.Kids will enjoy learning here. In fact, I wish to be KID again to play here.I have special appreciation for MS Shilpi, the Centre Head,who has PASSION for KIDS CARE .I suggest, the name can be changed as "MOTHER'S LOVE" - KLRao, International Member, Amnesty International, Camp,Gurgaon
KLRao, S-Block, Uppal South End on 20 Sep 2015
BnB is an excellent and top quality day care centre set-up by Mr. & Mrs. Shilpi Dabral. The facility has been done up tastefully with great detailing and care keeping Kids' comfort and growing up needs into consideration. We had sent our child to Mrs. Dabral's summer camp this summer and her personal effort to make the camp a joyful experience for the kids made it diffrent from regular summer camps. She has brought out the same spark and enthusiasm for the kids in setting up this facility. A good quality option in our neighbourhood now for taking care of our little ones. Wish the team all the best.
Vikas Gupta, Park View City-1, Gurgaon on 10 Sep 2015
I am so happy this daycare has come close to my house. I started leaving my 18 months old here and he had a blast. Within 5 minutes of entering, he got so friendly and started enjoying. I must say that everything here is so well thought through and nicely put, it's a delight. It, is quite spacious and I am sure kids will have great time tiny one surely did....great job done by the management team
Geetanjali, Uppal Southend on 10 Sep 2015
BnB is a great initiative by the team to provide a cosy and comfortable Home away from Home. My child who is 3.5 years thoroughly enjoys being here and even the teacher's & staff are quite warm and friendly. Way to go BnB:-) I strongly recommend this school cum day-care to everyone. All the Best!!
Rashi Shrivastava, Sector 49,Gurgaon on 09 Sep 2015
Bubbles n Blossoms playschool & daycare is a nice blend of creativity with a warm & cosy environment. My 3 year old son, Parth, got comfortable at the place within 5 mins of being there. I found some innovative concepts like place for Conversation with the Super Power and Indoor traffic park very interesting and apt for children.The staff was cordial. My best wishes !
Vikas Gulati, Sector-49, Gurgaon on 08 Sep 2015
Bubbles n Blossoms is the one of the best Day care Centre in Gurgaon! A Centre for kids whereby they enjoy homely ambience with excellent care n learning- What else as a parent one looks for! My younger daughter used to get bored at home and was unable to progress in learning n activities but after she started visiting BnB she never realised how the time flies. All the time kids are in happy n fun- loving atmosphere. The teachers’ n staff are extremely nice, loving and caring. Kudos to Mr. & Mrs. Shilpi Dabral – without their vision this Day care n Enrichment Centre could not have taken such a tremendous shape in reality! I also strongly recommend Bubbles n Blossoms to all parents.
Malika, Sector-47, Gurgaon. on 25 Aug 2015
Bubbles n blossoms is a great initiative by Mrs shilpi Dabral. I will describe it in 3 words excellent excellent and excellent in everything. I a very happy that my 17 months old son has got a place to go where he will b in super safe hands .Now i can go to my work without any worry as Bubbles n blossoms has ended my search NOT for a Day care but for a HOME away from home for my son . Thanks Mrs shilpi Dabral for coming up with such a nice vision and such a safe place for our kids .I strongly recommend bubbles n blossoms to all the working parents.
Anubha Upadhyay, Tatvam Villas on 17 Aug 2015

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