• June 19, 2021

How to save a Georgia mother’s $5 million in probate money

A Georgia mother is trying to save $5,000 in probates money in probacy court, but her attorneys are saying she is trying too hard to make a good impression on a judge.

Hannah Smith, 36, and her attorney, Chris Williams, are both trying to overturn a judge’s order to drop the case, and the judge in the case is threatening to fine the woman $10,000 for violating the order.

The court ordered Smith to pay $5.3 million in fines in 2015, and $5 for each day she failed to comply.

She was fined $4,000 per day in 2016.

Smith also paid a $1,000 fine for failure to pay a court date in a probate case in 2015.

The woman, who is in her early 40s, has not been in court since October 2017, when the case was still in probatory court.

She is also asking the court to fine her $2,000 a day for failing to attend court.

Smith and Williams were not able to reach a settlement with the probate court, according to court records.

Smith’s attorneys say the judge has the authority to issue fines for a variety of reasons.

In one case, the judge said she was not familiar with the facts, but said she did not want to fine someone who was not present at court to prevent them from filing a petition to withdraw.

The other reason cited by the judge is that the woman has not completed the necessary counseling to help her understand the process of probate.

Smith said she has a lot of respect for the probatorship and the court, and that she has not missed a day in court in the past four years.

But she said she feels guilty that the judge did not see her as someone who would be a good candidate for the office.

Williams said Smith has shown an “uncharacteristic lack of diligence” in filing the court paperwork.

The judge ordered Smith and Williams to provide a copy of their financial statements to the court by Jan. 3.

The judge is scheduled to hear the case Jan. 19.