• June 19, 2021

Why is a woman being jailed for not disclosing she has had breast cancer?

A woman is being jailed in Australia for failing to disclose she has breast cancer and is refusing to seek treatment, the Australian Government has revealed.

Key points:A woman has been arrested in Arizona after failing to inform police that she had breast implantsShe is being held in custody in a detention centre in the USA warrant was issued for her arrest on ThursdayPolice say the woman has not been arrested yetA Queensland woman has said she has been detained for refusing to provide information to police.

“A lot of people were upset that I had not told them that I have had breast surgery,” said the woman, who is from the US state of Arizona.

“But I’m not going to tell you why, it’s just because I’m a woman and I don’t want to cause any offence to anyone.”‘

I am not a terrorist’A spokeswoman for the Queensland Government said the incident involved an individual who was arrested and charged with failing to comply with a lawful order.

“She has been placed into custody on a warrant in Arizona, which is a state-issued document, and she is now being held on a bridging visa,” she said.

“We have been liaising with the Australian Federal Police and our officers have been conducting a thorough investigation.”

Ms Macrae said the person arrested was a resident of Australia.

“They are in custody now and they are due to appear in court on Friday,” she told reporters.

“I am here to say that this individual is not a member of any terrorist organisation and they will be released in due course.”

The woman said she was not in a position to comment on what she had said, but the warrant for her detention was issued by the Queensland Police Service on Thursday.

Ms Macroes said the Australian Border Force had been working with the woman’s lawyer to obtain a bridgework visa.

“This is a matter of high importance to us and we have been in regular contact with her and with the immigration authorities to ensure she is safe and secure,” she added.


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