• July 12, 2021

How a Grandparent Guardian Service costs $5.9 million to administer

It may be a big deal to the parent who pays to get a guardian, but a new study suggests that it can be very expensive.

The study conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the National Center for Educational Statistics found that a grandparent guardianships cost the U,S.

government an average of $1,837,824 annually.

The report says that, “grandparent guardian services are generally more expensive than other forms of visitation rights for parents, grandparents, or other close relatives of children.”

The study notes that a single grandparent who receives a guardianship is able to have a relative come visit the child for a minimum of 12 weeks, and that this number is increased to 22 weeks if the grandparent is over 65.

The average cost for a single-parent guardians program, however, is $5,936 per year.

Grandparent guardians provide an alternative to visitation and custody cases where the parent with the most resources is the one who is able and willing to take the child into custody.

For example, a single parent with $1 million in assets can afford to hire a guardian.

A guardian costs $500 per week and is typically responsible for the day-to-day running of the child’s case.

The guardianship service is usually contracted by a lawyer and paid for through the legal fees of the parent, with the attorney providing services in addition to paying for the guardianship.

Grandparents who are over the age of 65 are the most likely group to have guardianship costs for their children.

But grandparent visitation and custodial parents are more likely to be charged for the services.

The researchers say that grandparent guardian programs typically offer better outcomes for parents.

They say that the average cost of a grandchild guardian service is about $3,200 per year compared to a visitation or custodial parent service, and it is estimated that an average custodial guardian costs around $4,000 per year in visitation and visitation fees.

The DOJ study also found that the cost of guardianship for children under the age, 18-35, is approximately $6,000, compared to an average cost per child of $566.

The number of people in the U.,S.

who are in guardianship or custody has increased significantly over the last few years, according to the DOJ.

In 2012, there were 2.2 million people in guardianships and custody nationwide.

In 2016, there was a decrease of 963,000.

The majority of those people were under the legal age of 18, according the report.

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