• July 2, 2021

How to get free guardianship bonds

A free guardiansy bond can help you access the benefits of a divorce and also help you find a suitable family member to live with. 

The process of getting a guardian bond is a lot easier than finding a spouse or a child and can also help ensure you and your partner get along. 

It is a process that is only available to people who are living together in a state of civil partnership. 

To get a guardian care bond you need to apply for one in the UK and then complete a form called the Guardian Care Bond Application.

The form asks about the couple’s marital status, where they live, the relationship between them and the potential custodial parents, and the relationship they share with their partner. 

There is a £200 fee for the form, which you can use to make a request for the court to grant a guardian custody bond. 

If the court grants the request, the couple must pay the fee and sign a form of recognizance (also known as an Affidavit of Succession). 

The court then sends the couple a £400 fee for a full and immediate declaration of consent. 

Guardianship bonds are normally issued in one of three forms: The Custody Bond form (a paper document that states that the couple have a relationship of mutual consent and the court is not required to give consent for the couple to live together), The Care Bond form that states there is mutual consent between the couple and the proposed custodial parent and that the proposed caretaker will be provided with the support and care that is necessary for the proposed partner to be in the relationship with the proposed person’s spouse or child. 

Alternatively, a guardian can apply for a Custody Care Bond and then the court can grant the application.

The custody bond is also issued in the form of a Notice of Custody, which states that a proposed custodian is required to provide the proposed individual with the necessary financial support for the future and that he or she has agreed to provide such support. 

Custody bonds are not generally granted in England and Wales but in Scotland and Northern Ireland they can be granted in certain circumstances. 

For more information on guardian bonds, click here.

If you are thinking about applying for a guardian or a custody bond, please read our article on how to get a free guardian or custodial bond.

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If the proposed relationship is not one of marital or civil partnership, a separate application may be needed for the consent of the parents.

If there is a dispute about who is the intended custodian of the child, it is possible to make an application to the court for a divorce. 

An application to divorce is made by someone who has made a declaration of marriage.

The parties have to sign a separate document and give the court a copy of the declaration of love.

If either party wishes to withdraw the declaration or withdraw the divorce, they must give the other person a copy.

If both parties want to withdraw, then a joint declaration of divorce is required.

A divorce is considered to have been consummated if the parties agree on a divorce settlement which states what kind of custody or guardianship the parties are entitled to.

A settlement is usually made in accordance with the laws of the state in which the proposed marriage took place and the parents have agreed to a settlement. 

This is called a “common law” divorce and the parties have agreed on a common law divorce settlement.

There are some circumstances in which a common-law divorce settlement may not be finalised, including when there is no agreed settlement in place or when the parties do not want to divorce and do not wish to make the agreement binding on each other. 

In some cases, the proposed settlement may be invalid because the parties were not able to agree on an agreement between themselves. 

When you and the prospective custodial spouse/child are ready to make your marriage final, a declaration can be made to the custody court in the state where the proposed family relationship is located.

This declaration must state the parties’ marital status and address all of the relevant information about the proposed parent and proposed child, including the financial circumstances of each party. 

All of this information must be included in the declaration. 

A declaration is usually sent to the child support caseworker and the application is then sent to a court for final determination.

The court will consider all of these documents and make a decision on the custody or custody guardianship arrangements. 

Once a decision is made on the application, a court can then decide on the guardianship. 

These are called the guardiansy arrangements and are finalised once a judge is satisfied that the court has made an appropriate decision. 

Read more about the custody and custody guardiansy agreements in our article.

What happens if I can’t make a court order for a court to make my custody and guardianship guardianship agreements?

If your current custodial arrangement is not

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