• July 13, 2021

How to help the elderly in California

California’s guardian law is set to expire at the end of the month and it is unclear how long it will remain in effect. 

If it does, the law is expected to force people to make financial contributions to their guardians and the government will no longer be able to ask them to do things they might not want to. 

The law was passed in the wake of the mass suicides of California’s elderly. 

It was meant to protect those in the care of a family member or guardian, and would have limited how much money the person was able to spend on self-help groups. 

But the state legislature failed to pass the law and a new one has been proposed, this time by state senator Bob Huffman, which would extend the time it would take for the money to be taken from the individual to the state. 

California’s guardian reform law was introduced by Huffman in 2015 and passed by the state senate. 

However, the state attorney general has threatened to veto it. 

This time, he wants to extend the deadline for a guardian to submit a petition to the court to allow the money taken to be used to pay for self-care services. 

Currently, it is up to the individual, guardian or guardian’s attorney to decide if they want the money given to the guardian. 

“We need to ensure that we are not allowing the government to make decisions on the personal welfare of individuals and guardians,” Huffman said.

“In a lot of cases, it’s up to individuals to decide how they want to spend their money.” 

Huffman told the ABC that he did not want the new law to make guardians feel “disrespected” by the government, adding that it was also a way to “make sure the system is transparent and accountable”. 

The bill that will be up for a vote in the state assembly next month has already been criticised for not requiring that guardians contribute money to self-preservation groups, which is why the government is pushing to extend it to other forms of support. 

More to come.

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