• July 27, 2021

How to protect yourself from eviction without a guardian: ‘We are not going to do anything to you’

In a lawsuit filed against the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, attorneys representing Florida residents say their clients are being evicted without a legal guardian because they are being charged with a crime.

The suit was filed on behalf of eight people who say they were arrested on June 30 in Monroe County for not having a legal guardianship.

According to the complaint, the people were detained in a Monroe County jail and were then taken to the Monroe County Courthouse in Orlando where a judge ordered them to be taken to a room where they were placed on a table.

They were not given a lawyer and were left to their own devices while being handcuffed, according to the lawsuit.

They say they then watched as deputies, wearing masks, threatened them with charges of trespassing, obstructing a police officer, trespassing on private property and resisting arrest.

The lawsuit also alleges that a sheriff’s deputy threatened to take their family and property if they did not comply.

The complaint also says that a jailer refused to give the men medication and told them that they could have it taken away from them if they wanted to.

A spokesman for the Monroe county Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

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