• July 3, 2021

Texas judge who denied bail for Travis County sheriff’s wife has been ordered to stay home

In the wake of the Travis County Sheriff’s Department’s arrest of Travis County’s deputy chief, Travis County District Attorney Devon Anderson, the Travis City Council voted to take up Anderson’s motion to suspend her from the office.

The motion is a last-ditch attempt to keep Anderson in office and has been supported by her husband Travis County Chief Deputy Jeff Anderson, who is running for governor in 2018.

But as the Austin American-Statesman points out, the decision to suspend Anderson was the result of a state court order that would require the Travis Chief Deputy to return to his position.

The Travis County Board of Supervisors has now voted 3-1 to require Chief Deputy Anderson to return for a second trial.

“It is incumbent upon the Travis Sheriff to return Travis County to its previous form of government,” the board wrote in its motion to the Travis Board of Commissioners.

“The Travis Chief of Police’s actions in the case of Deputy Jefferson, and his failure to return, have been proven to be in direct violation of the Administrative Procedures Act.”

Travis County Sheriff Jeff Anderson is seen here in a 2015 mug shot.

The move by the Travis county board comes after the Travis Police Department suspended Chief Deputy Travis Anderson and Chief Deputy James McPherson, who both served as Travis County chief deputies.

McPherman resigned from the department on Friday, saying he had been sexually assaulted.

The sheriff’s office is also investigating allegations of misconduct by former Travis County Deputy Travis Luttrell, who resigned from his job on Friday after being accused of a sexual harassment complaint against him.

The allegations have not been substantiated and the Travis Department of Public Safety is now conducting its own internal review of the allegations.

Travis Police Chief Travis Anderson in a mug shot from 2016.AP/The Austin American StatesmanThe Travis chief deputy’s office released a statement on Friday afternoon that said it would conduct a full review of its internal investigation into the allegations against Luttrels behavior.

“The Travis Police Chief is conducting a full and thorough internal review, and we will provide updates on that review in due course,” the statement said.

Trees are shown on a street in Travis County, Texas, in March 2017.APThe Travis police chief has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is conducted.

The Travis Chief deputy’s investigation into sexual harassment allegations against his wife is underway.

The Austin Police Department released a written statement Friday saying the Travis chief and his wife are conducting a thorough investigation into these allegations and will be releasing a statement as soon as it is completed.

The chief’s office has also released a letter from Travis Mayor Steve Adler to Travis County Judge John O’Neill that said he was appalled by the allegations and would work to ensure that the Sheriff’s Office and Travis County are held to a higher standard of accountability.

The letter from the mayor also thanked the Travis city council for its support and called on the Travis district attorney to take action against the Chief Deputy and his conduct.

Anderson, the chief deputy, has said he will return to the sheriff’s department in June 2019.