• July 28, 2021

When Guardians of the Galaxy: A Galaxy’s Tale arrives in March, it’ll include a ‘big’ surprise

In Guardians of a Galaxy: The Movie, the Guardians of all Things are the Guardians who take over the universe and are the only force of good in the universe.

They are, however, still working to find the Guardians responsible for the destruction of the universe, and will also introduce a whole new cast of characters in the movie.

There will also be a new storyline for Thanos in the film.

As part of the Guardians’ plan to make good on their promise to stop the Thanos menace, they are also going to be putting their own Guardians under the guardianship of a new leader, who will be a member of the Avengers.

In Guardians Of The Galaxy: Age of Ultron, we saw Thanos’ father Loki and the Guardians as the Avengers and the new Guardians.

The Guardians have now officially joined the Avengers in Age of Infinity.

Marvel has yet to reveal any details on what this new group of Guardians will be, but we can definitely expect them to be big.

The most recent issue of Guardians of Earth-616, a comic book series that includes characters like Thanos, Groot, Black Bolt, and the mysterious Nova, revealed that there will be two new Guardians, one from the Age of Thanos and one from Age of Guardians.

That will likely be the new “new” Thanos (which is a very cool name, as you can probably guess).

This new group will probably be a little more than just the original Guardians, and it will be very much a part of Thanous “story.”

There will be some new heroes in the Guardians, too.

In Age of Avengers, the team includes Thanos.

We saw ThanOS’ mother, Nebula, and her father, Thanos himself, together in the comics.

We also saw the original Thanos go on a mission with the Avengers to find his father’s weapon.

These new Guardians will have their own missions, but they will have a little different origin story.

These are very important, and I can’t wait to see how this new Guardians’ story will unfold.

I love how the new characters in Guardians of Guardians are going to change the way Guardians operate.

When we first saw the Guardians on Avengers, we thought the Guardians would be like the Avengers, only they were actually a lot bigger and better.

That’s definitely going to continue with Guardians of A.G., but Guardians of The Galaxy is definitely going in a different direction than it did with Avengers.

There is a new power that Thanos will bring into the Guardians in Age Of Ultron, and he will also have a new ally who is also a big threat to the Guardians.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Guardians are not going to just be like other Avengers anymore.

The new Guardians are also getting a lot more power than they were before, which is really important to know.

The first Guardians, including Thanos are going back to being “ordinary” Guardians, but their power level is now up to the new Thanos as well.

This is a huge change from the old Guardians, which was basically just the big bad that destroyed the universe with the Guardians destroying everything in his path.

Thanos is going to use that power to take over, but he won’t have the help of the old members of the team.

It will be really interesting to see if the new team will really fit the new tone of the new movie.

As we’ve learned in Guardians, Thanous has plans for a new Guardians that he has secretly created.

He has been manipulating Thanos to try and destroy the universe from within, and now he has the power to do it himself.

The other new Guardians have been put under a new leadership, and they are going on a journey to defeat Thanos so that they can reclaim their powers.

I can definitely see a lot of potential for a ton of new characters coming into the movie that have some sort of connection to the old team.

This new Guardians is going in another direction, and that’s a great idea.

Guardians of Asgard is the first movie of this new trilogy, but it won’t be the last.

It is possible that the Guardians may eventually become a new group, but that won’t happen for another few years.

We are going through the phase of “what if” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we are now seeing that the Marvel Studios movies have more story arcs to be released in the future.

I hope Guardians of Eternity: Infinity War makes the leap to theaters as soon as possible, and Guardians of Age of the Ultron: Ultimate Edition is just the first of many films to come in the next few years that will give Guardians of America the ability to fight alongside the Avengers or other superheroes.

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