• August 12, 2021

Petitions seeking guardianship for pet guardians in Kansas

A petition filed in Tampa, Florida, has garnered more than 2,000 signatures calling for the resignation of a Florida pet owner who filed a lawsuit alleging the pet had been abused and mistreated.

The lawsuit, filed Monday, alleges that James Deenilio has a history of violence toward animals.

Deeni has previously been accused of beating, taunting and even killing a dog.

The petition states Deenis pets were taken from their owners after they were found “in an unheated living room, with smoke coming from the room.”

The petition claims Deenic was also involved in “inhumane and unprofessional” treatment of dogs.

The complaint also accuses Deeniu of “repeatedly and deliberately inflicting physical, mental and emotional abuse on animals” and “causing severe physical pain and suffering.”

Deenib has been charged with animal cruelty, battery and endangering the welfare of animals.

The case is being handled by the Tampson County prosecutor’s office.

Dei has a pending criminal case against him.

He’s also facing charges in Georgia and New York for the alleged abuse of his pet, a German Shepherd named Sticky.

A Facebook page set up by the petition calls the lawsuit a “false and misleading statement of facts” and says Deenigis dogs were “dressed in a way that is cruel and cruel to animals, and was in fact a dog in need of immediate medical attention.”

Dei said in a statement, “This is not a personal matter and I have been fully cooperative with the investigation.

I want to assure everyone that I have not abused any animals.

I have always maintained that I do not do or condone the abuse of animals.”

The suit was filed on behalf of Sticky, who was diagnosed with a degenerative condition in August of last year and had been confined to a wheelchair since.

It says Sticky suffered from arthritis, spinal disc issues and a heart condition.

Deens legal team has not commented on the lawsuit.

Deei has had a long history of litigation against animal abusers and has faced lawsuits in Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and Florida.

In December of last decade, Deeniji was found guilty of misdemeanor animal cruelty and animal abuse for the attack on a horse he had brought home.

He was sentenced to six months of community service and three years of probation.

Deiji also faced misdemeanor charges in Texas for his assault on a dog he brought home in 2012.

Dees attorney, Steven J. Henson, told CNN that Deenio has never been convicted of any of the charges.

Henson said the animal abuse charges are “absolutely false.”

The Florida case has already resulted in more than $1 million in damages for Deenia and Sticky’s owners, according to a news release from the Florida Department of Agriculture.

“We believe the evidence against James Deens pet abuse is strong and conclusive, and we are confident that the jury will find the animal cruelty charges to be without merit,” the department said in the release.

Deinib is expected to be sentenced on February 20.

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