• August 24, 2021

When ‘I, Frankenstein’ hits theaters, the sequel is still a mystery

When “I, God” hits theaters on March 5, 2019, you can expect a lot of mystery surrounding the mysterious and enigmatic film.

“I Frankenstein” was the second installment in the Universal horror franchise that began in 1979 with “I Heard a Voice,” which brought the concept of Frankenstein to theaters across the country and eventually led to “I Spy,” “The Mummy,” “Gremlins” and “The Dark Crystal.”

But there are still a lot more mysteries surrounding “I,” and it’s likely that we’ll get to see a lot less of it in the coming years.

The answer to the “I” question is likely to be found in “The Final Plan,” which is set to be released in 2019.

The film is the follow-up to “The Curse of Frankenstein,” a story that was originally written in the 1920s and which centers on the creation of the first human-like creature.

The story, according to a new interview with Universal Pictures CEO Tom Rothman, is set in the 1940s, just as the Nazis invaded the United States.

It also includes a female lead and is described as “a dark and frightening tale.”

“The final plan” is set up to be “a new story that’s not just a reboot, it’s a whole new thing, a whole fresh beginning for this franchise,” Rothman said during an interview with THR.

It follows Frankenstein, who, along with his creator, John Travolta, is sent to the U.S. to investigate the death of his wife and daughter.

The two men set off in a truck and encounter a group of creatures, led by an old woman who is named Lilith.

In the film, Rothman says, “I see her in the form of a creature, and I think, Wow, what if I made this into a movie?”

Rothman didn’t mention any details about the movie, but he did say that the film is being written by the likes of Peter Straub, a producer on the previous two films.

“We’ve got a lot to go on here,” Rothwell said.

“But the thing that we can do is get it done, and it’ll be something that you won’t see again for years.”

“I have an idea,” Rothbard said, “that’s the best way to describe the whole film, is to say that this is going to be one of the most ambitious, beautiful and exciting movies I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“This is going the right way,” Roth-man said.

He went on to say, “There’s no question that it’s going to get better and better.”

That’s a sentiment echoed by Universal Pictures’ Tom Rothmans daughter, who is also in charge of “The Last Witch Hunter.”

“We’re so excited about this movie,” said Laura Lasky, who will write the script.

“There is no question in my mind that this film is going be a great one.

I think it’s one of those films where you’ve got to really believe that it’ll work.”

“It’s one that is going in the right direction, because we know that the audience is going for it,” Laskys father, Tom Rothbard, said.

But what’s Rothman hoping to accomplish with “The Lost World”?

The filmmaker also said that there will be a “very special ending” for the film.

The director said that the plot of “I has been very clear about this: we’re not making the sequel to ‘I,” because the audience will never know if they are going to see the original.

“And if we do end up doing a sequel to I, it will be like the film that the first one was,” Rothscons daughter said.

The movie will “follow” the original “The Invisible Man,” but it will take place in a new timeline.

“You’ll never see this original story,” Rothmon said.

We know what happens next.

We’re not telling you what happens, but you’ll see it happen.

“The idea is that the next story will be in a very different place, and that’s a good thing,” Rothscheff said.

And if you want to be excited about the sequel, you have to know that it will have some surprises.

“This story is going deeper and deeper, and the story of what happens after Frankenstein,” Rothon said.