• August 21, 2021

Why do I have to be an NC guardian to get a NC guardian?

What is an NC guardianship form?

A guardian is the legal person responsible for the guardianship of a child.

The guardianship is often a temporary arrangement to help a child leave an abusive home or family situation.

The form asks for the following:Who are you to give care to?

If the person is under the age of 18, they are considered a minor and can only be given care if they are under the care of a parent or guardian.

Who will take care of you?

You may be asked to provide an address for your child, whether that is their own home or a parent’s or guardian’s house.

What is a parent/guardian’s address?

A parent/carer’s address is generally for a parent, but you can use any address that is legal for you.

Where are you from?

The answer to this question depends on where you live.

You may be required to provide a valid passport number or birth certificate for your address if you are not a resident of the UK.

How long does it take for a NC guardianships form to be processed?

You can find out how long a NC care form takes to process by filling in the NC guardian forms form, or calling 0845 056 0050.

The process is similar to a court order, and your guardian can only ask for you to be put on the waiting list if you don’t make it.

What can I do if I’m not able to wait?

If you need to see someone before they can be put into care, you may be able to arrange a meeting by calling 08457 533 099.

The waiting list is open until 11:59pm on the day you get on it, so you can check it when you’re not able.

You can also contact the National Child Protection Centre on 0845 622 434 to talk to someone about getting a NC or guardianship.

Who can apply for a guardianship?

You must have a guardian who is 18 or over, or a relative who is under 18.

You can also apply to a judge if you’re under 18, but the courts only consider the person’s age when making a decision.

Who is not allowed to apply for guardianshipForms must be sent to the court if: you are a minorWho can’t apply for NC guardians?

You cannot apply for the NC guardians form if you:are a victim of domestic violenceYou have a child under the legal age of 16You are pregnant or breastfeedingYou are under 18 or under 18 in any other wayYou are a guardian, or someone who has authority over your child or who has responsibility for you, and you are under 14.

If you are unable to attend a court hearing because of a guardians’ visit, the person can apply to an NC judge.

You must pay a fee of £150 for a court date.

If your guardian doesn’t have authority over you, or you’re a carer, you can apply by sending a letter to:Guardianship form to parents for children under the Age of 16Who can be a guardian?

You are allowed to be a legal guardian of a minor child if you meet the following criteria:you are under 16 years oldYou are legally emancipatedYou live with the parent who is your legal guardianYour child is under 16, or under 16 if:your parent or legal guardian is not under 18The parent/legal guardian is at least 18 years oldThe person is aged 18 or older.

What happens if a parent wants to see their childGuardians who are not guardians can only see a child if the parent has a legal authority to do so.

The person must have the authority to see a person under 18 to get an NC.

What is a legal age for guardians to see?

Your legal age depends on the type of guardianship:You can’t be under 18 without a parent and you need a guardian’s permission to see the person, but under 18 is legal.

If the parent or carer has a guardian over them, they can see the child.

What does this mean?

When you are 18 years of age, you become a legal adult and have the legal power to:Give a person permission to be examined by a doctor or nurse, or to make an appointment with a psychologist.

Give a child permission to go to school or a GP or mental health clinic if you have the permission of a guardian.

Give the person permission for you or someone you know to visit a GP, dentist, or nurse.

Give someone permission to attend an emergency or care home.

Give someone permission for someone else to visit them at school or work if you do not have a legal obligation to attend.

If someone who is over 18 years is a guardian you can give permission for a person over 18 to go visit you.

What if a person wants to be in care?

A person who is a child who has been taken into care and has a parent who isn’t a guardian can apply and ask the

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