• September 14, 2021

Florida law lets parents sue parents who keep kids in foster care

Florida’s new guardianship laws allow parents to sue their kids’ parents who stay with them while they’re being investigated for neglect or abuse.

According to the Florida Department of Children and Families, Florida’s law allows parents to file lawsuits against foster parents for neglect and abuse in cases of abuse and neglect by an adult.

The parents who don’t get justice are the parents who have to live with the child.

The law allows for parents to recover money from the foster parents and their foster care providers.

The department says this law allows them to sue a foster parent for a variety of violations including failure to maintain custody, failure to comply with the law, neglect and physical or emotional abuse.

The law also allows parents and guardians to sue parents if the parents do not comply with court orders to keep the child safe.

The Florida Supreme Court ruled last month that the state’s guardianship reform law was unconstitutional.

The court said Florida’s “categorical presumption of care” applies to foster parents.