• September 19, 2021

Oklahoma: The Supreme Court to hear Oklahoma’s guardianship laws

Oklahoma is set to hear oral arguments in two separate cases regarding its guardianship law.

Both cases will be heard by the state’s highest court on Wednesday.

Both cases have the potential to have a significant impact on the state.

One is an issue concerning the state constitution’s clause that protects guardianship.

The other relates to how the state is defined when it comes to protecting a person from abusive relationships.

Both of the cases are being heard in response to a lawsuit filed by a group of women who say they were subjected to domestic violence by their guardian and a former foster parent.

They are asking the court to rule that guardianship should be defined as a temporary form of custody.

In Oklahoma, guardianship is a temporary custody arrangement that allows a person to receive some or all of their children in the case of death, or when their parents cannot work or care for them.

In a recent Supreme Court case, the justices said a person can not be a custodian without first becoming a foster parent, and the state has interpreted that to mean that the state should allow people to be guardians if they want to.

The cases have been controversial, with the justices’ majority saying that they were about protecting people from abusive and neglectful parents.

In both cases, the state was seeking a temporary court order to change the guardianship code, which was passed in 2004.

Under the new code, a person cannot be a foster carer if they have been convicted of a felony, or have been arrested for a misdemeanor or serious crime, or are on probation or parole.

It also requires a person’s parent or guardian to be present at all times while a guardian is out of the state or to sign the guardian-to-parent paperwork.

The Supreme Court agreed with the state in the 2004 case, but has yet to rule on the case.

That could change in the future, as the state may decide to change its guardiansy law to include people who are not foster parents.

Both guardianship cases will also focus on the constitutionality of Oklahoma’s definition of guardianship under its constitution.

The court ruled in 2014 that the definition of “guardian” does not require a guardian to have the same legal authority as a parent.

The new law does not define “guardianship,” however.

The justices will be hearing oral arguments Wednesday on whether Oklahoma’s definitions of guardianships are consistent with the U.S. Constitution, which defines guardianship as a relationship between an adult and a child.

The justices will also hear arguments on whether guardianship rules can be applied across the country and how the definition should be applied to guardianship in Oklahoma.

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