• September 13, 2021

‘Split’ guardianship can save your life

Here are five things you need to know about split guardianship.


It’s a choice for you What you should do if you don’t want to pay a guardian’s fees If you don the money, you’ll be allowed to keep your property.

But if you’re forced to give up your home, you could end up paying the cost of care for your children.

If you have an obligation to pay the guardian’s fee, it could end in a split guardians’ home.

If it’s a case of not having enough money, it can mean that the care of your children is at risk.

If the court decides that you can’t have more children, it’s up to the court to decide how to handle the issue.


You can’t stop the children from going to school There are no restrictions on the school holidays and schools can close during the holiday.

However, the law only applies if your child is at least three years old.

If your child turns two at the end of a school year, you can have them sent to the primary school.

The only exception to this is if you have a child who is in the care and control of a custodial or foster parent.


You may have to pay child support When your children are in school, you’re responsible for paying them child support.

If they are under 16 and they’re attending a primary school, they are automatically considered part of the school day.

If a parent is at the same school, the child’s school will pay the school fees and you’re not responsible for them.

If there is a secondary school, it will only be responsible for the fees paid by the parent and they’ll have to follow the same rules as primary school children.


You’ll have your own place of worship Your children can’t attend the same place of prayer or worship.

However they can attend other religious activities in the community, such as sporting events.

However the state government can’t force them to attend a religious service.


You could have to deal with financial problems You may be required to make a claim to the Department of Human Services if your home is in a state of serious distress.

If that’s the case, your case will be considered by the courts.

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