• October 19, 2021

California lawmakers ask for guidance on permanent guardianship

California legislators on Tuesday asked the state Department of Public Health to provide guidance on the permanence of permanent guardianships.

House Democrats sent a letter to the department urging it to clarify how permanent guardians are to be handled in California, a state with a unique system of guardianless judges and judges with no court supervision, and to set up a panel of expert witnesses to provide advice to the Legislature.

California, like the rest of the country, is a “guardians-of-the-people” state, according to the letter.

It also says that permanent guardians must be appointed by a judge and must be supervised by a public guardian who has a criminal history, and must not be a family member.

California’s guardianship system is unique in that judges are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the state Legislature.

Currently, only one person, the chief justice of the California Supreme Court, is considered a permanent guardian, meaning that she or he can not be removed by the court.

The legislature has yet to approve a permanent guardians plan, but there have been a handful of proposals to set the stage for permanent guardians.

In February, lawmakers passed a bill that would have given judges a “duty of care” that requires them to supervise permanent guardians to ensure their safety.

The proposal would also require permanent guardians appointed by judges to submit their final court reports by the end of the year.

The proposal has met fierce resistance from some lawmakers, including Rep. Jeff Leach, a Democrat from Fresno.

The bill would also have created a commission to monitor the safety of guardians appointed through the permanent guardians system.

A second proposal to change the way permanent guardians can be appointed was introduced by Sen. Nancy Skinner, a Republican from Fresno, in January.

Skinner’s bill would have established a committee of six experts to review the safety and effectiveness of guardians appointments and the process by which they are made.

The panel would be comprised of the chief judge, three public defenders, and three experts in public policy, criminal justice, and other fields.

The committee would also be given authority to recommend any changes to the process to the governor.

A third bill, introduced by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, a Democratic from Santa Rosa, would have created an independent panel to review whether permanent guardians should be appointed under the guardians system and if so, what steps would be taken to make the system safer and more effective.

The panel would also hold hearings, including one to examine the adequacy of the permanent guardian system, and report its findings to the Assembly in two years.

The last time California’s legislature approved a permanent-guardian plan, in 2008, it passed the bill with a bipartisan majority of 52-41.

The current plan passed with only a narrow majority of 51-48 in March.

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