• October 28, 2021

‘We need to get this done’: The guardianship of young people

By the time I left school in April, the year I had been on a waiting list to receive my guardian’s letter had already begun.

It had been a difficult year, I knew.

I had become a ward of the state, and it was impossible to make friends, go to school, or have a relationship with my parents.

But the letter would not stop me.

I wanted to be a part of something bigger.

I was a bit scared, but I was determined to prove to my parents and the Australian Government that I could be trusted.

So I decided to try to get an Australian passport and apply for a visa.

The decision to go through with the process was made as I was looking forward to the new year.

I would be spending the next three years living and working in Australia.

It was a brave decision to make, but it was a decision that made a difference.

By June I had already signed the letter and received the letter from my parents saying they were delighted with the decision.

I knew I was in good hands, and by July I had received my letter.

I could finally take care of myself and my sister and my older brother.

For the first time in my life, I was finally able to take care at home.

My sister, Sarah, was excited.

“I just want to know that I’m safe and I can be happy and I’m not alone,” she told me.

“If you can do that, it’s all good.”

The Guardian’s special feature on guardianship issues is now available to watch online.

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