• November 3, 2021

Guardianship forms are the new commonwealth

The U.S. Supreme Court has granted guardianship to a woman in Arizona after her husband had an extramarital affair and she feared for his safety.

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled in favor of Lisa Hennigan, the wife of a man who died from cancer.

Hennig’s ex-husband had a criminal history and was facing jail time for a drug charge.

In the process of seeking guardianship, Henni had a relationship with another man that was not approved by her husband, who was also convicted of a misdemeanor.

But after he died, she filed for divorce.

She sued for divorce and got it.

The case went to trial, but a judge denied her petition for divorce because he said the ex-boyfriend was not competent to represent her.

HENNIG’S VICTIM CASE Hennigs husband, a former Marine and former state representative, was convicted in 2014 of multiple counts of child molestation, according to court documents.

He was sentenced to 25 years in prison, and he was later released on parole after a judge agreed to lower the sentence.

His wife filed for guardianship in 2015 after she became pregnant with her second child.

Henna was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014, and her husband died last year.

She had been battling the cancer for two years and feared for her health, according the court papers.

HENNA’S FATHER’S MURDER CASE The judge who denied Hennigans request for divorce also ruled in her favor.

Judge Thomas G. Anderson agreed with Hennigi’s claim that the husband had a prior relationship with her that would have been illegal.

The judge said there was no reason to doubt that the man was competent to serve as guardian for his wife, according his opinion.

Hernas father, who had not been arrested in connection with the murder, was sentenced in 2016 to life in prison.

He is currently serving a life sentence in the state’s death row.

HANNIGS CASE The Arizona Republic reports Henniga was a mother of four children who had a history of domestic violence and drug abuse, and she also had an abusive relationship with a former lover who had been charged in the case.

HINDA’S PARENTS AND FRIENDS SAY THEY ARE SURPRISED by the court’s ruling, and that they are thrilled to have her on their side.

Henny’s family and friends were outraged by the ruling.

“I’m extremely relieved, because it’s very important that we have the ability to protect our children,” said Sarah Henniger, Henna’s sister.

“That was very upsetting and upsetting.

I didn’t even think I’d be able to get the hearing, so I’m happy to have my family on our side and support them.”

Hennigo and her ex-partner, who is now incarcerated, are now in a relationship and have filed for a protective order to protect their children.

She said she hopes the new guardianship will protect her children.

“My life is going to be a lot easier if I can be there to protect my children, and hopefully I can also protect my ex-father,” she said.


She has undergone surgery to remove her breast implants and is on a ventilator.

Hennes family has raised more than $100,000 to help with her care, and they are looking for supporters to help pay the medical bills.

HENTZ is now on house arrest and has been under a GPS ankle monitor, which is designed to prevent him from leaving the house.

HENCESA’S FAMILY’S SURROUNDING IN JOB HENNIES family has set up a GoFundMe account to help her support the hospital bills.

A Facebook page has also been set up to help raise funds for her care.

The National Coalition of Victims of Domestic Violence says Hennies case is one of many in Arizona and the nation.

“These kinds of cases should never happen.

They should never be tolerated in this country.

The system is broken, and this is a tragedy for the victims,” said John Henningson, executive director of the National Coalition.

HONEST PEOPLE DON’T GET BANNED BY THEIR PARENTS In 2015, a New Mexico judge threw out a lawsuit filed by a man accused of stalking his wife.

He said it was not a crime for him to contact his wife on a dating app because she did not live with him.

“The person is entitled to be free to have the relationship he wants with his wife,” said the judge, who did not attend the case and could not be reached for comment.

He also said the case was moot because his wife did not want to leave him.

The Supreme Court upheld the judge’s ruling in 2016.

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