• November 1, 2021

How I lost my parents, lost my job, and lost everything I owned and loved to my mother

Posted August 11, 2019 07:14:00 As soon as my father passed away, it was a total shock.

For months, I kept my mouth shut.

I had no idea what to do.

I knew what to expect.

But then the reality of what I was going through hit me.

At one point, I didn’t know if I was ever going to see my mother again.

My mother’s health had been deteriorating rapidly, and I knew she needed a second opinion.

My father had a history of mental illness, and he had a long history of substance abuse.

I tried to keep it a secret from her, but the pain was too great.

My parents were going through a divorce and were planning to move to New York City.

I didn-t know what to think.

When my mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I thought she was in a manic episode.

She started seeing a therapist, and it was all I could do to keep my emotions in check.

She had no intention of going to a mental health professional.

It was as if the doctor said, ‘You know what?

She’s crazy, I don’t want to know what she’s thinking.’

But I knew that the more I tried, the worse it got.

By the time she had an appointment, my father had moved out of my hometown, and we were forced to move into an apartment in the suburbs.

I lost everything.

I couldn’t work.

I went to school in an area with very few jobs.

I was constantly working at home, so I couldn-t take care of my mother.

It-was hard for me to make ends meet.

I also had a bad case of OCD.

I would get really depressed and couldn’t control it.

My mom had a very low self-esteem, and that-caused her to take a lot of things personally.

She thought I was crazy.

She wouldn’t even take me to the grocery store.

She’d get mad when I went into a store to buy something.

My dad was in jail for two years, and when he was released, my mother took over everything from the kitchen to the living room.

I-thought she was taking over my life.

I still feel that way today.

I don-t understand why my mom wanted to get divorced and start over.

I always thought she would stay with us, but that-wasn’t the case.

I can-t imagine how my mother felt.

After we moved, my mom was living in a different apartment with another man, and she told me he was a bad influence.

She told me I was the reason she couldn’t be with me anymore.

I kept telling myself that she was the one to blame.

I told myself she was a terrible person and I was always the one who was the bad influence, and then my father got released and I started having panic attacks.

I thought I-was going crazy.

My sister and I-kept telling her I couldn, but I just kept thinking, ‘It’s my mother, I’m the one in charge.

She’s always right.

She doesn’t want me to be happy.

I have to keep her happy.’

My mother was my only link to her.

I started getting into drugs, alcohol, and prostitution.

When I was 18, my girlfriend-who had been my roommate-started using and began taking Xanax.

I became suicidal.

I used my father’s credit card to buy drugs and started taking Xanacort-and-Code.

I spent $15,000 on Xanax, and my mother-who-had been my only family member-had just given me her last prescription.

I wasn’t ready for my mother to leave me.

When she went into labor and the baby was born, she was completely alone in the apartment.

I found myself in the hospital, with no place to go.

The doctors told me that I-had to stay in the ICU because of my bipolar disorder.

I finally told my mother about my bipolar diagnosis, and, with tears in my eyes, she called me, ‘Mom, I am so sorry.

I love you.’

I-told her I would always love her and I would try to make things right.

It never crossed my mind that I might lose my mother or her children.

I could have been in the ER for months.

My entire life was in chaos.

It wasn’t until my father died that I realized what had happened.

The only thing I can think of is that I was too scared to tell my mom.

I think she-who I had never met before-was jealous.

I’m not a person who takes the easy way out.

I want to get to know her, and help her in her recovery.

I realized that I needed to get help, and so I began working with

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