• December 1, 2021

Why Michigan’s Child Guardianship Law Shouldn’t Be Supported

It’s a common misconception that Michigan’s child guardianship law, passed in 2002, allows parents to get away with abuse, neglect, or any other conduct that would otherwise violate their rights.

That misconception is not borne out by the data.

The law has been called a “reform” that allows “reasonable” parental interference with a child’s “personal, familial, or economic needs” and has been touted as “a significant improvement over the past 30 years of abuse and neglect cases,” according to the Guardian.

But the facts show that Michigan has a much longer history of abuse, and the law has proven itself to be a failure.

In Michigan, children who have guardianship over their parents have no rights whatsoever, and have been charged with the most egregious of abuse.

The law provides no protection to parents against criminal charges for neglect or abuse that happens in the home.

The Guardian found that the majority of cases of abuse in Michigan are brought by parents who have been granted guardianship.

And parents who are not granted guardians have been found to have abused their children more than any other type of parent.

For example, in the three years from 2013 to 2014, Michigan’s Department of Human Services collected about $4.6 million from children in foster care, according to a report released last year by the nonprofit Child Protection Advocacy.

Of that amount, $1.4 million was from “child guardians,” the report said.

The other $1 million was given to parents whose children were in foster homes.

A child is considered a child in foster custody if the state or county where he or she is living has placed him or her in that state or is responsible for the care of his or her welfare.

The Department of Children and Families, the agency that enforces Michigan’s guardianship laws, states that children are “subject to all of the laws and responsibilities of guardianship, including: supervision, discipline, care, medical, and other medical services.”

In addition, the children’s guardians are required to live in the foster home where they are living with the child, and their visitation rights are limited to the number of hours per day they are allowed in that home.

The Guardian’s investigation also found that Michigan is one of only five states that allows parents who want to seek custody of their children for any reason to petition the court, even if they are not required to get a court order.

Parents who seek to have their children removed from their homes can appeal a court’s decision to the Michigan Court of Appeals for Family Law, which can then decide whether to grant a custody order.

Michigan’s guardians’ law allows parents with custody orders to petition to have the children removed.

In a statement, the Michigan Department of Child Services said that parents can petition the courts to have children removed “in the event that the child has committed serious violations of his parents’ rights.”

According to a study published in 2013 by the University of Maryland School of Law, Michigan is a leading jurisdiction for child abuse cases, with nearly 90 percent of child abuse complaints against children in that county in 2014 being filed by parents with guardianship orders.

The study said that, of the 5.2 million children in Michigan who are in foster or adoptive care, more than 4 million were victims of abuse at the hands of a parent or guardian.

The state has been in the news recently for its harsh child abuse policies.

Last month, a judge in Flint ordered that the city’s water supply be turned off, after it was found to contain lead levels that exceeded safe drinking water standards.

A similar ruling was made in the city of Detroit last week, after officials said they were failing to address the problem of lead contamination in the water supply.

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