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Bubbles n Blossoms Daycar
An initiative by AIIMS, Wharton & University of Michigan Alumni
Day Care......

"90% of a child's brain develops before kindergarten," explains Deborah McNelis, brain development specialist and founder of Brain Insights. "It's important to find a care giver who provides the loving, fun, interactive care their precious child's brain needs!"

Our Day Care has age-appropriate programmes...
Giggles (6 months- 1.5 years)
Sunshine (1.5 years- 2.5 years)
Purity (2.5 years- 4 years)
Pride (4 years- 8 years)
Inspiration (8 years-10 years)

Internationally followed norms of child: Mentor Mum ratio of 3:1 for children below 1.5 years, 5:1 for children from 1.5- 2.5  years, 8:1 for children from 2.5 - 4 years and 10:1 for children above 4 years.

Preschool Facility available for Sunshine & Purity...Admissions Open !!!




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