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Bubbles n Blossoms Daycare
An initiative by AIIMS, Wharton & University of Michigan Alumni

Giggles (6 months to 1.5 years)

From the moment they placed you in my arms.....you snuggled right into our hearts !!!!!

Our Giggles are cared for to nurture their innocence in our specially designed baby unit. An air of calm and gentle care-giving marks this area with the natural movement & rhythms of the baby. The ambience has been created to provide holistic development to the child. There is a very high ratio of staff to Giggles allowing us to provide the personal level of attention that all babies demand at this stage.

The daily individual routine-charts for feed time and small meals coupled with logged in observation for diaper change and basic hygiene routines records will be kept on the child’s time at the centre. Simple baby exercises with music like infant massage, stretching, music relaxation and stimulation through sensory toys, treasure baskets, water/messy play, touch & feel are introduced to our infants.
As the child becomes more independent, we adapt the routine to cater to his/her need. Their sensorial and gentle routines will become a little more structured, but will allow for rest period when needed.

At BnB, we recognise children of this age need to have time to explore and experiment but still need the cuddles and the attention they had as a baby.

Bubbles n Blossoms Daycare


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