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Bubbles n Blossoms Daycar
An initiative by AIIMS, Wharton & University of Michigan Alumni

Inspiration (8 years to 10 years)

Children must be taught HOW TO Think & not what to Think !!!!!

BnB’s Inspiration Programme is based on our understanding that a child of this age is searching for a rhythm of perfect independence, a fundamental element required for growth. We give this quest for perfection a direction. Using our research base of understanding the Physical, Emotional and Cognitive needs of a child at this stage of development, we have created a program that lays emphasis on:

·Ensuring that each child is comfortable in a safe & loving set up which is like a 2nd home for them.

· Developing a habit for reading with our book reading Sessions

The program also includes:

 # Ensuring completion of home-work and project-work through supervision

Spending time in Open Sesame enrichment programme for relaxation, recreation and creativity

The higher age band of children are at the pre-puberty stage, yearn for the freedom to make their own decisions and at the same time learn to negotiate with the elders. At this stage children gradually learn about fundamental truths. We gently weave into this stage of “my independence”, a sense of collaboration.

Bubbles n Blossoms Daycare

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