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An initiative by AIIMS, Wharton & University of Michigan Alumni

Purity (2.5 years to 4 years)

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in Creative Expression and Knowledge................... by Albert Einstein

Our Purity programme is based on well researched early childhood education and development theory and practice, and is focussed on key areas like

# Personal Social and Emotional Development

# Fun with Maths

# Language of Expression,

# Creative and physical development.

Young children learn in a holistic way through play and other key programmes....

"Me & You" As a child develops positive feelings about themselves and their abilities they become curious and motivated to learn.

"One to Ten...Maths is Fun" help children gain an understanding of underlying mathematical concepts through concrete, hands on experiences provided through play activities – counting, sorting, recognising pattern and developing an awareness of numbers

"Hear me Talk" encourage development in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills.

"Follow my Steps" programme & activities ensure that the children gain control over their bodies and muscles and thus gain confidence in their movements

"The World around me" recognises that children are naturally curious about their immediate environment. We promote understanding and importance of our mother nature through Gardening & Nature Walk. The children are encouraged to talk about the weather and the seasons, where they live and some of the people who care for us in the local community, e.g. the postman, doctor, nurse through field trips.

At BnB, we aim to give children a solid foundation in each of these areas allowing children to express their creativity through art, music, and movement enabling each child’s natural creativity find it's expression.This raises their Self esteem & gives them a great sense of Achievement and Self worth. 

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