• October 21, 2021

‘It’s not fair’: The florida guardian service says it’s not being fair

FLORIDA GENTLEMEN’S COURT: A judge says a state court judge has ordered the guardianship service, which manages guardianship for thousands of Floridians, to return millions of dollars to a man who was arrested last year for allegedly threatening to kill a judge.Michael J. Johnson was arrested in August 2014 on charges of making terroristic threats,…

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What happens if you have a guardian and you don’t want him or her anymore?

A new study says that the way in which we think about and respond to guardianship is a huge part of how we handle and feel about guardianship in our relationships.The research by the University of Michigan, led by Sarah R. Dolan, was published in the journal Archives of General Psychiatry.In the study, the authors…

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How to get your child or teen a temporary guardianship in Florida

Updated May 29, 2018 3:07:07The state’s temporary guardians will likely be required to have a parent or guardian who can work and pay the bills and pay their fees, but the guardian will also need to be able to demonstrate financial need and be in school to qualify for the right to be considered a…

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