• August 4, 2021

How to Apply for a Disability Guardianship in California

A family may request that an adult be placed in guardianship of their children if: 1) they are unable to care for themselves, or 2) they have significant disabilities that require special care.The process to apply for a guardianship requires both parties to be able to show they can care for their children.A guardian’s responsibility…

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What you need to know about guardianship documents for guardianship purposes

More than a year ago, the Supreme Court of Canada decided that Canada’s guardianship laws should not apply to children who were born outside Canada.That decision came amid the growing popularity of same-sex parenting in the country.The Court made clear that if a child was born in a foreign country and subsequently adopted or adopted…

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How to Choose a Grandparent Guardianship in New Jersey

If you’re an unmarried parent, you can file for a grandparent guardianships in New York and New Jersey.The options available to you are pretty much limitless.If you can’t decide, or you just want to get a head start on the process, you should probably look into the state of your state.Here are a few things…

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