• October 21, 2021

‘It’s not fair’: The florida guardian service says it’s not being fair

FLORIDA GENTLEMEN’S COURT: A judge says a state court judge has ordered the guardianship service, which manages guardianship for thousands of Floridians, to return millions of dollars to a man who was arrested last year for allegedly threatening to kill a judge.Michael J. Johnson was arrested in August 2014 on charges of making terroristic threats,…

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The guardianship of Indian immigrants in the United States is ‘shameful’

By DANIEL JONES SECTION: CORRESPONDENCE ; Pg. 4 LENGTH: 714 words A US law barring foreign nationals from receiving welfare benefits in the US is a violation of the Constitution and must be overturned by the Supreme Court.The case is the first time a US Supreme Court decision has been brought on the issue, which…

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What you need to know about Florida’s guardianship law

An ongoing legal battle between Florida and two Florida residents has resulted in a temporary guardians’ ruling for two women who say they are unable to pay child support due to a “fraudulent” Florida statute.In the latest legal battle over the state’s “Temporary Guardianship Act,” which has been in place since 2004, Florida’s legislature has…

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