• October 11, 2021

How to stay on top of California’s ‘standby’ guardianship papers

A new set of papers that are set to be issued to California’s guardianship applicants is raising a new question: How much does it cost to be a standby guardian in the state?According to the California Division of Guardianship, it’s not a lot.“The court has concluded that a standby court-appointed guardian is not a person…

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Mass. lawmakers urge families to file for guardianship

MAULESVILLE, Mass.— With two new cases of coronavirus circulating in the state, lawmakers are urging parents to file paperwork for guardianships in the case of a child with a parent who has died.The state’s highest court on Monday ordered the state to issue birth certificates to the family of the child with the longest surviving…

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How to file for adult guardianship

A legal guardian, or a person who is not the child’s biological parent, can be appointed by a judge to provide legal protection to a child.The guardianship process is usually very short and involves only one court hearing.If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime or is in danger, a guardian…

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