• November 3, 2021

Guardianship forms are the new commonwealth

The U.S. Supreme Court has granted guardianship to a woman in Arizona after her husband had an extramarital affair and she feared for his safety.The Arizona Supreme Court ruled in favor of Lisa Hennigan, the wife of a man who died from cancer.Hennig’s ex-husband had a criminal history and was facing jail time for a…

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Temporarily Legal Guardianship Form a Legal Home

In a case that has become the latest flashpoint in Arizona’s immigration law, a lawyer who specializes in legal guardianships for undocumented immigrants is challenging a law that bars her from providing her services in the state.The lawyer, Jennifer Rocha, says she is trying to provide legal assistance to the family of a woman who…

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How to get a birth certificate from the Arizona Department of Vital Records

A recent story in the Arizona Republic asked readers how to obtain a birth-certificate from the state.But the answers are often confusing and can be a challenge.The most common question I get is, “I just can’t find any birth certificate online.I can’t even find the form.”The answers vary from state to state, and there are…

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Which states are exempt from guardianship laws?

Arizona is the only state where an emergency guardian can take over the life of a child who is a ward of a court.In a state where a person is deemed incompetent, the person is not a legal guardian and can be removed.This means a parent is not the guardian and is not responsible for…

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How to Choose a California Guardianship in Arizona

Arizona’s guardianship laws are one of the most complex and confusing in the country.With many conflicting interpretations, this article will walk you through the process of choosing the right person for your guardianship and the legal rights and responsibilities that come with it.Guardianship Basics

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Why is a woman being jailed for not disclosing she has had breast cancer?

A woman is being jailed in Australia for failing to disclose she has breast cancer and is refusing to seek treatment, the Australian Government has revealed.Key points:A woman has been arrested in Arizona after failing to inform police that she had breast implantsShe is being held in custody in a detention centre in the USA…

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