• October 19, 2021

California lawmakers ask for guidance on permanent guardianship

California legislators on Tuesday asked the state Department of Public Health to provide guidance on the permanence of permanent guardianships.House Democrats sent a letter to the department urging it to clarify how permanent guardians are to be handled in California, a state with a unique system of guardianless judges and judges with no court supervision,…

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How to Get Your Parents to Sign a Petition to End the Temporary Guardianship Law in Texas

How do you get your parents to sign a petition to end a Texas law that prevents parents from placing temporary guardianship over their children? The answer: by using the same arguments that have been used in the courts against guardianship laws. But that is exactly what the Austin, Texas-based Austin Family Law Group is doing with a…

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How to register to vote in Michigan and Arizona

The state is expected to release the first wave of registrations by the end of next week.But the numbers won’t be finalized until the next day, when Michigan and its 27 other counties release voter registration lists for voters who applied online.Those lists will be used to fill in the state’s 3 million voter rolls.Some…

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