• November 1, 2021

‘Guardianship’ Is Not an Option

title “Guardiansy” Is Not An Option article article title A man with dementia who says he can’t leave his wife, and who was a foster child before being sent to foster care, says he’s not going to “stop protecting” her and her family until the courts agree.He has not been charged with any crime.On Friday,…

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How to make sure you are not being misled about your guardianship rights

When you think about the legal rights and responsibilities of a guardian, you may think of the rights and duties of a legal guardian to protect the health and safety of the person, and the rights of a person to be free from unreasonable interference with the rights or freedoms of others.These rights and freedoms…

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Why Utah guardianship laws have gone wrong

Guardianship is one of the most controversial issues facing our nation and in Utah, it’s getting more attention than ever.As the guardian of a loved one, a person who has served their country, and is an essential part of the community, guardianship is a key pillar of Utah’s public safety system.In recent years, the Utah…

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