• December 9, 2021

Which indian guardian is right for you?

A new poll of indian guardianship guardians shows a significant number of indians prefer the Indian government to provide financial support for the care of their loved ones.The poll, conducted by the National Centre for Health Statistics and Research (NCHSR) and conducted online in June, found that 42 per cent of the guardianship population in…

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Why Michigan’s Child Guardianship Law Shouldn’t Be Supported

It’s a common misconception that Michigan’s child guardianship law, passed in 2002, allows parents to get away with abuse, neglect, or any other conduct that would otherwise violate their rights.That misconception is not borne out by the data.The law has been called a “reform” that allows “reasonable” parental interference with a child’s “personal, familial, or…

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Are you a guardian or do you have guardianship rights?

Some states have established guardianship protections for those who are seeking to be emancipated or who have lived with their parents for at least a year.In addition, in some states, guardianship is recognized as a type of parental rights and can be used to establish a presumption of parental responsibility for a child.In Oregon, the…

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