• December 1, 2021

How will Illinois lawmakers change the guardianship law?

A new law designed to protect families facing financial hardships and the elderly in Illinois will be debated and amended at the Illinois House floor Tuesday.The bill, introduced by Rep. Michael M. Phelan (D-Elgin), would add a new class of “temporary guardians” that would be eligible for up to $500,000 of relief if the state…

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Is the probate guardianage law a valid court proceeding?

The probate guardiansage statute is a valid judicial proceeding, says the ACLU.This is because it was adopted by the Supreme Court in 2011, when it found the Massachusetts law to be unconstitutional.The justices ruled that a court proceeding is valid if the probator is authorized to act on behalf of a child or elderly person.But…

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‘We need to get this done’: The guardianship of young people

By the time I left school in April, the year I had been on a waiting list to receive my guardian’s letter had already begun.It had been a difficult year, I knew.I had become a ward of the state, and it was impossible to make friends, go to school, or have a relationship with my…

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When is your child a guardian of another?

By now, you’ve probably heard the buzz around the idea of becoming a guardian to someone else’s child.But who exactly does that involve?There are three basic types of guardianship, depending on your circumstances: a person you’ve had a relationship with, a parent or other close family member, and someone who is deceased.Here’s how each one…

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