• August 3, 2021

How to Get Your Child’s Parent to Sign Up for Autistic Guardian Services

A family that’s been told that their child’s parents cannot have access to their own medical records is at a crossroads.A lawsuit filed by the California family of Joshua Soto, who has autism, has sparked a legal battle over how that child should be cared for.The family has been fighting for more than a year…

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Idaho, Georgia lawmakers introduce bill to allow citizens to choose to file for a limited guardianships

Idaho lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow citizens in Idaho to choose whether or not they want to file a limited guardian, a measure that has been controversial since the state passed a law in 2016 that limited citizens’ rights to choose their guardians.The Idaho Senate is expected to vote on the bill…

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‘No ‘no’ to indefinite military guardianships’: Lawmakers say no to indefinite detention without trial

Australia’s parliament is considering a bill that would allow judges to order an indefinite military “guardian” to serve as a “defendant” for the purposes of a criminal trial.The bill, which has been opposed by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), is expected to pass in the upper house on Wednesday.The Senate is expected on Thursday to…

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