• September 9, 2021

How the New Jersey Legislature has changed guardianship designators

New Jersey is changing guardianship form designators, and this change is being heralded by the attorneys general and other lawmakers.Guardianship forms are designed to allow a court to assign a person’s custody and control to a third party if there is a conflict between the state and a person who wishes to exercise the right…

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How to get a new attorney’s opinion on your guardianship in Florida

You may have noticed that a lot of people are now having trouble filling out a guardian’s forms.That’s because a new law requires all guardianships in the state to include a guardian ad litem, a person who can help with the process.But there are some important details that need to be clarified, according to a…

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How to Choose a Grandparent Guardianship in New Jersey

If you’re an unmarried parent, you can file for a grandparent guardianships in New York and New Jersey.The options available to you are pretty much limitless.If you can’t decide, or you just want to get a head start on the process, you should probably look into the state of your state.Here are a few things…

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