• September 20, 2021

Are you a guardian or do you have guardianship rights?

Some states have established guardianship protections for those who are seeking to be emancipated or who have lived with their parents for at least a year.In addition, in some states, guardianship is recognized as a type of parental rights and can be used to establish a presumption of parental responsibility for a child.In Oregon, the…

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How to File a Guardianship Application in Oregon

Oregon residents are able to file guardianship applications online with the help of an Oregon attorney, but it’s only available to residents of the state.Here’s how to do it.Read more about guardianship and guardian law:

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How to Get a Permanent Guardianship in Florida

What if you are a non-resident who does not live in Florida but you are seeking a guardianship?If you qualify, you will be asked to fill out the forms.Once you fill out your guardianship application, the state will send the documents to the county clerk, who will issue the final approval to a permanent guardian.Once…

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