• November 2, 2021

How to find out if you’re entitled to guardianship in your state

India has one of the most restrictive guardianship policies in the world.A person’s right to be an independent guardian is dependent on whether the state has a law in place to provide legal protection to them.However, the state does not provide a formal way of confirming whether someone is entitled to a guardian’s rights.The Guardian’s…

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How to get the help you need to navigate the death of your loved one

By the time the court heard the case, the attorneys had already taken the oath to represent the best interests of the children.They were still in the middle of the case when the family of four had reached its final destination, where it would have been taken up by a new judge.The judge, who had…

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Why is Hawaii’s emergency guardiansing law a problem

A bill to legalize and regulate guardianship in Hawaii passed the state Senate and awaits Gov.David Ige’s signature.In the past two years, the state has passed an ordinance that allows people with serious medical conditions to appoint financial guardians to manage their own affairs.But a Hawaii bill that was recently approved by the state House…

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