• September 10, 2021

Temporarily Legal Guardianship Form a Legal Home

In a case that has become the latest flashpoint in Arizona’s immigration law, a lawyer who specializes in legal guardianships for undocumented immigrants is challenging a law that bars her from providing her services in the state.The lawyer, Jennifer Rocha, says she is trying to provide legal assistance to the family of a woman who…

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How to stop your children from getting involved in a ‘sudden death’ situation

The legal profession is being inundated with calls and emails from parents and carers about sudden death, coronavirus and other forms of catastrophic illness and death, prompting a series of expert advice papers on the subject.The number of calls has exploded, with experts calling for better and faster legal advice.“I’ve never seen anything like it,”…

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Why Your Lawyer May Want to Consider an Out-of-State Legal Aid Waiver

Posted February 15, 2018 10:15:06 In a time of unprecedented political upheaval, many lawyers are facing a difficult decision: to work in an out-of of-state jurisdiction, or to choose to represent their clients in the U.S. in person.While legal aid and legal representation are not mutually exclusive, many are wary of the financial burden of…

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