• September 13, 2021

‘Split’ guardianship can save your life

Here are five things you need to know about split guardianship.1.It’s a choice for you What you should do if you don’t want to pay a guardian’s fees If you don the money, you’ll be allowed to keep your property.But if you’re forced to give up your home, you could end up paying the cost…

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How to Choose a California Guardianship in Arizona

Arizona’s guardianship laws are one of the most complex and confusing in the country.With many conflicting interpretations, this article will walk you through the process of choosing the right person for your guardianship and the legal rights and responsibilities that come with it.Guardianship Basics

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How to Split Your Guardianship and Stay in Your Own Home

If you want to split your guardianship or stay in your own home, you need to know the best way to do it.Here are some key things you need in order to split guardianship:The following information will help you understand how to split and stay in custody.The first step in any separation or separation arrangement…

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