• October 29, 2021

Why Texas’s temporary guardianships laws can be dangerous for Texans

Texas is facing a potentially disastrous law that could make life difficult for millions of people in the state.In Texas, permanent guardianship can be granted to a person in a specific circumstance and the state has a history of making such decisions.But Texas’ new temporary guardians laws could have significant consequences for Texans, especially those…

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How the New Jersey Legislature has changed guardianship designators

New Jersey is changing guardianship form designators, and this change is being heralded by the attorneys general and other lawmakers.Guardianship forms are designed to allow a court to assign a person’s custody and control to a third party if there is a conflict between the state and a person who wishes to exercise the right…

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‘Laws on the books’ to give children legal rights

Transfer of guardianships, temporary guardianship and guardianship from the court to the parents are all being considered by the state as a way to give the children legal protection.The move has been met with opposition from some quarters as it will allow parents to use the courts as a temporary place to protect their children,…

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